Our team here at the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett consists of experienced lawyers with robust legal expertise to help our clients with all their will-related issues.

Why You Need a Will

Our lawyers will help you draft a last will and testament that will help you, as the testator to:

  • Name all beneficiaries, individual or corporate.
  • Name your estate’s executor
  • Give explicit and express instruction on how your assets will be distributed
  • Name a guardian for minors and/or who will handle property left to these minors.

Without a last will and testament, you will be recognized as an interstate under California law and the intestacy laws invoked upon your death. Your property will be distributed among your living relatives and in case there are none,
your estate will be turned over to the state.

A living will will help you give direct instructions regarding medical care should you become incapacitated to make such decisions as well as your preference for medical treatment in end-of-life situations.

Having a will therefore gives you more control over your estate and your health care. With the help of our associates, you can confidently start planning for your future today.

Drafting a Will and Acceptable Formats

Our lawyers are well versed in all basic requirements for a valid will as outlined by the law. We will help you with ensuring that you meet these requirements to ensure that your will and testament holds. Are you, the testator of legal age? Are you of sound mind during the drafting and signing of the will? Are there witnesses to the process?

As our lawyers will inform you, the state of California does not recognize a nuncupative or oral will. We will help you format your will accordingly. If yours is a simple estate, our lawyers will provide you with the guidance to fill in the California statutory will template. We will also assist you in writing a holographic or handwritten will and ensuring that it meets the threshold to be recognized as a valid.

Will Amendment and Revocation

We will assist you to make amendments to your will as when you desire to do so. This, we shall do by constituting a codicil as provided for by the law.

If you wish to revoke your will, our expert team will provide you with the legal counsel and assistance to help you with revoking all or part of your will as is constituted. This may be done by creating a new will or physically destroying said will.

Disputing Wills

We at the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett have had extensive experience in handling will dispute cases, offering expert representation to secure a just outcome.

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Will you need to go through probate court? How can you avoid going through probate court? What kind of assets are not affected by a will? What happens when you divorce a spouse or partner named in a will?

The questions are endless and the specifics of each case very unique. At the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett, we are committed to helping all our clients with all the legalities pertaining to wills. Get in touch today for expert legal advice and representation.