For anyone with property, finances or a family, planning for the future is a prudent course of action. The Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett provides individuals in Riverside, CA with trusts and estate planning guidance which is focused on maximizing the value of estates while limiting the potential for any future complications.

Why Trusts?

While it is important for everyone to have a will, trusts are a highly versatile option, especially for those who are seeking to accomplish goals such as asset protection, minimizing estate tax liability and probate. It does not matter what your estate planning goals are, Mr. Bennett will advise you on a trust that will help you achieve them.

Types of Trusts

Our qualified attorneys will ensure that you understand all of the trusts options that are available to you. As many legal situations differ, we will do our best to tailor a solution that meets all your needs. Soe of the trusts we establish include:

  • Revocable trusts: Commonly referred to as living trusts, revocable trusts allow for the control of assets that are going in and out of the trust. The terms of the trust can also be changed as long as you are alive. These trusts are ideal for those who manage properly and assets or are looking to protect future beneficiaries.
  • Irrevocable trusts: These are the type of trusts that cannot be terminated once they are established. They are set up by allowing individuals to receive income from the trust without being able to touch the principal.
  • Special needs trusts: These trusts will ensure that your disabled spouse or child with special needs and/or any other beneficiary will have the resources to receive continued care even whether you are no longer alive.

Based on your specific circumstances, we establish trusts that will be suitable for you and your family. Our attorneys will create specialized trusts that will cater to your unique situation.

Why Choose Us?

The Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett meets all of the standards and qualifications that are needed to handle your trusts. All our attorneys are highly experienced and have handled trust cases that are similar to yours. We keep up with the law and best practices in this field, especially because they change so often. Needless to say, we do not leave anything to chance.

Work through feasible processes

When you come to use, we will clearly let you know what you need what will be involved in the process and all the steps that you should take. We ensure you are well-advised and educated to decide on issues pertaining trusts.

Maintain a good comfort level

You will be required to share personal information withMr. Bennett who will work on your trusts. Worry not! We will ensure that you feel safe and comfortable. Our transparency lets you know that you can trust us.

Interested in creating a trust? Our proven attorneys will give you the guidance that you require. We help individuals and families throughout Riverside, CA achieve all of their long-term financial goals. Contact us at 951-434-1151 today!