Paternity Proceedings

Paternity proceedings or parentage cases is one of our practice areas at the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett and we have just the right team of experienced attorneys to help you with your case. Every case is unique and we are cognizant of this crucial fact. It is exactly this knowledge that informs our employment of unique tactics and strategies tailored to each case to ensure a favorable and just outcome.

Establishing Parentage

Because paternity is not always certain, it may become necessary to determine the biological father of a child especially where parentage is disputed.

As an (alleged) father, you are entitled to a paternity DNA test under California law to prove fatherhood. During this time, you will, without doubt need the expert legal counsel that we offer here at the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett, even as we guide you through every step of this process.

Paternity cases can be very emotive and it is not uncommon for the alleged father in question to refuse to voluntarily subject to the testing process. We have an able team of attorneys that will work to initiate and see through the enforcement of orders to compel such a person.

What Next?

At the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett, we are committed to going through the whole journey with you. After the determination of paternity, critical issues arise, which will require expert legal counsel to navigate. Those paternity determinations have a multi-fold significance goes without saying and that is why you cannot afford to not have a qualified and passionate team on your side during this time.

The first of this is child support. Our attorneys are experienced in the area of child support and will ensure that you secure the kind of support you deserve. If the paternity determination was a crucial element in an inheritance dispute, rest assured that our attorneys will provide you with the right guidance in this regard.

Another question that arises out of paternity determinations is that of custody, visitation rights, and sharing of parenting time. Our lawyers will work with you to secure an arrangement that is not only favorable to you as our
client, but one that is just and fair to all parties involved, and especially the child.

Apart from custody and visitation rights, proof of paternity entitles you to fundamental rights as a parent. If you are seeking to block the mother of your child from giving up your child, lawyer up with our paternity lawyers at the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett.

Disputing Paternity

Are you seeking to dispute paternity? Do you feel encumbered by unnecessary obligations to a child you have doubts about? Our lawyers will guide you on how to go about disputing paternity in order to protect your interests; financial or otherwise.

Experts on All Matters Paternity

As a firm, we have worked on many paternity proceedings. On board is an expert team that is passionate and objective that will provide you with legal counsel on paternity testing and filing and where disputes arise, legal representation during litigation.

Whether you are a mother seeking to establish or challenge paternity or a father looking to do the same, get in
touch today at 951-434-1151 for a free consultation with our attorneys.