Family Law

Hiring a Family Law attorney in Riverside, CA requires investing in a partnership to understand your legal matter. When going through a divorce, child support, paternity, a nullity case or even custody issues, it is extremely important to hire a Family Law attorney who is well-skilled to handle your issue. The Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett is a law firm that prides itself on being honest, reliable and committed to your cause.

We understand that all Family Law cases are highly unique and the circumstances that surround it are also different. Mr. Bennett will work to achieve your goals. Our experts will also come up with solutions that will put your family first.

Our team of experienced attorneys have years of experience and will provide the legal counsel that you need. When they exit the courtroom, they will put a smile on your face. We provide the kind of defense that will enrich your life.

We are ready to advise you regarding legal matters impacting families.

Our Family Law practice areas include, but are not limited to:

  •  Legal separations
  •  Non-marital family matters
  •  Third-party visitation
  •  Prenuptial or marital agreements
  •  Divorce or separation
  •  Child custody cases
  •  Alternative conflict resolution services (mediation, arbitration, collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce)
  •  Parent/child relocation
  •  Paternity matters
  •  Business interests
  •  Guardianship
  •  Asset division
  •  Maintenance payments (spousal support or alimony)
  •  Child support payments

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to excellence sets our law firm apart. We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that all our clients gain exceptional value in family law. We empathize with your situation, therefore, strive to resolve your legal issues in an easy and painless way. The Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett provides a free confidential consultation to help you discover how our services will benefit you.

Apart from this, we also pride ourselves on the following:

Highly Experienced and Qualified Staff

Mr. Bennett has been successfully resolving family law issues for a substantial number of years. Therefore, we have gone through every situation and are highly prepared to guide you through the entire process. Together, we can make the best decision for you and your family.

Outstanding value

Our goal is to put our clients first and provide the very best services. We will do everything we can to ensure that you are well-advised about the process. We also provide affordable legal services. We are certain that you will not find better value anywhere else when searching for a Riverside family law attorney.

Relentless Pursuit of Successful Results

You can trust us to protect what you love most-your family. We believe the rights and responsibilities associated with family relationships are indeed sacred. Therefore, when we take on your case, you will always be at the winning end.

We Take Care of Our Own

All our clients are part of the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett family. We will take care of their legal needs and also provide advice on the best way to move forward after a family law issues. Each engagement not only benefits from the breadth and depth of our expertise but we also hope to create lasting relationships.

The Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett Has Got You Covered!

We believe that you deserve the best legal service. That is why our representation is exceptional.

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