Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a harsh reality that we cannot simply wish away. The shocking statistics speak for themselves. Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or stand as the accused in a domestic violence case, you will need legal representation.

Domestic violence is one of our specialties at the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett and we are committed to representation in legal proceedings for our clients.

Representation for Domestic Violence Victims

We are passionate about standing up for the rights of victims of domestic violence as espoused in the law. Our expert and experienced team will work around the clock to secure legal recourse that will protect you and other involved parties such as the children.

The law recognizes domestic violence as taking on different forms including but not limited to bodily harm and injury, sexual assault and emotional abuse through stalking and threats. If you or someone close to you feels threatened or are a victim of any of these forms of domestic violence, call our legal team at the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett at 951-434-1151.

Representation for Falsely Accused Persons

Since opening the doors of our practice, we have also encountered clients who have been falsely accused of domestic violence as a ploy to sway the outcome of divorce and custody proceedings.  At the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett, we are diligent and zealous advocates of truth and justice and will commit every available resource to help you in fighting off these false allegations.

Restraining Orders

If you feel threatened and at risk of domestic violence or are a survivor of the sameour team will help you obtain a domestic violence restraining order. When local law enforcers are called to your premises following a domestic disturbance, emergency protective orders or a temporary restraining order.

Our lawyers will help you file and argue out your case before a judge to obtain a domestic violence restraining order which offers long-lasting protection. Our lawyers will help prove your eligibility for a restraining order by establishing before the courts the nature of your relationship with the accused as well as tabling evidence of domestic violence meted against you and/ or threats to do so.

According to California law, violation of domestic restraining orders can be treated as a misdemeanor, a contempt of court or a felony. Mr. Bennett will assist and guide you with understanding the fine details of the restraining order filed against you. Again, because it is not uncommon to have restraining orders sought under false pretense, we also assist our clients in preparing a proper defense against these improper orders.

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Are you a victim of domestic violence and are seeking to file a restraining order to guarantee your safety and protection? Are you on the receiving end of false domestic violence allegations that are not only threatening your reputation as a person and threatening your rights as a parent?  If yes, the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett is only a call away.

We are passionate about all things family law and our lawyers will help you navigate through the intricacies of domestic violence cases. We personalize our services and are passionate about ensuring each of our clients receives the best representation.

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