Divorce Attorney Riverside County CA – General Responsibilities

A Riverside County divorce attorney is a legal representative who acts for individuals that wish to file for divorce. When a marriage takes place between two individuals, they become bound by the laws of the country of residence. The marriage documents have to be filed accordingly in a government agency registry.

When you are ending your marriage, one primary concern you may have is how much a divorce attorney costs. After all, you may have heard that legal services are expensive, and you may be concerned that the divorce is going to bankrupt you. In reality, you can often get the services of a top-notch legal professional at a price you can afford, especially if you are interested in an uncontested divorce.

Divorce Attorney Responsibilities

For starters, the attorneys hired by both spouses should determine the reason for reaching this kind of decision from their clients. The attorneys representing the parties should set up meetings and be present at the meetings to reach an agreement on divorce proceedings. Both the spouses represented by divorce lawyers should be advised by their respective attorney on the consequences and outcome of their decision in detail.

One of the most important matters discussed in these meetings pertains to the custody of children belonging to the couple. The divorce attorney of either of the parties is usually the one to discuss and negotiate the particulars of what their client wants. Second most important aspect of these negotiations is the division of assets that is discussed in these meetings.

If both the spouses are unable to reach an agreement, the divorce lawyers have to go ahead with a court proceeding in front of a judge and have their case heard. The lawyers are responsible for doing all the necessary paper work for divorce hearing.

The divorce attorney is responsible to represent and argue cases on his or her client’s behalf. All the unresolved matters pertaining to the child support and custody and distribution of properties and liabilities need to be addressed at these hearings.

These are several of the responsibilities expected to be carried out divorce lawyers. There can be numerous additional responsibilities if they have been agreed upon by the attorney and the client.

While it’s true that many divorce lawyers are traditional billable hour lawyers, not every lawyer uses this expensive pricing scheme. In fact, it is totally possible for you to get real legal help from a real lawyer at a low, flat rate that fits your budget. You could potentially save thousands of dollars by hiring a flat fee attorney who uses discrete task representation to minimize court appearances and get your divorce finalized as quickly and cheaply as possible.