Child Support

Child support is usually an issue where there are children involved in a family law case. At the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett, we have an experienced team of lawyers with the expertise to handle different child support cases. We recognize the emotional and financial impact that a long and drawn out court battle may have on the kids and our team will try as much as possible to reach a reasonable and fair agreement without having to engage in a long court battle. If this is not possible, rest assured that we are ready to go to court and provide you with litigation representation on your child support case.

How Much?

One of the most common questions that we hear from our child support clients is “how much child support will I pay/receive?” At the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett, we are well versed with the calculation process for child support and will walk you through the guidelines and factors that a court will take into account when calculating the amount of child support including parenting time and income of the parents.

Securing a Child Support Order

Our attorneys will help you present all the facts and admissible evidence in support of your efforts to seek and secure a child support order. We understand exactly what the courts need and will help you file all the necessary paperwork and serve the other parent with the papers.

We will represent you at the child support hearings and submit testimonies and table evidence in case of any disputes regarding parenting time and visitation rights and other considerations.

Modification of Child Support Orders

Our lawyers are experienced in handling modifications for child support orders. We have represented both sides in seeking modification. Has a parent’s income changed significantly since the order was issued? Has there been a change when it comes to timeshare with the children since the order issue? If yes, speak to our able legal team and we will assist you in securing a modification to your child support order.

You may think that your interests are protected with a verbal modifications agreement, but at the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett we always advise our clients against it and will assist in ensuring that we secure a court order to that effect.

Appealing a Child Support Order

Are you dissatisfied or disagree with the child support ruling? Our lawyers will provide you with the legal counsel and representation when appealing against the ruling given in your child support orders. We are passionate about ensuring that the interests of all parties involved are protected and will employ all resources at our disposal to secure a fair outcome.

Do you need help securing and modifying a child support order? In need of legal counsel in enforcing the order and instituting a legal process against a parent who fails to pay child support? What child support add-ons can be included in the final judgment?

If you are facing a child support case, contact our expert and experienced team at 951-434-1151 for compassionate and dedicated representation and counsel.