Alimony – Temporary or Permanent Spousal Support

Succinctly put, temporary spousal support or alimony may be awarded during the course of divorce or dissolution proceedings. On the other hand, permanent alimony is awarded at the conclusion of a divorce or dissolution hearing going forward.

At the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett, we have extensive knowledge and experience on spousal support matters. If you or someone close to you is in need of legal counsel concerning spousal support, we are the team to rely on.

Seeking Support

Mr. Bennett will look at the facts of your case and based on that preliminary assessment, will be able to advise you accordingly going forward. Will spousal support be awarded in your particular case? Our attorneys are well versed on all the factors that go into consideration when determining eligibility for spousal support and exactly how much can be awarded.

Our Riverside divorce attorneys will help you prepare, fill and file the necessary paperwork to seek temporary or permanent spousal support. You can expect passionate representation in your case even as we represent your finances and other factors crucial to the determination of alimony in a light that is accurate and advantageous to your efforts.

Modification to Spousal Support

At the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett, we have successfully represented clients on both sides when it comes to modifications of spousal support orders. An upward or downward modification by the courts is informed by a change in financial capacity and a number of personal changes for either party. Our lawyers will guide you through the process of filing such a petition and will represent the facts to help you in securing a favorable outcome in this regard.

Termination of Spousal Support

When awarding spousal support, the courts will indicate how long the support will be paid/received based on a number of considerations. Alimony payments become a thing of the past upon the lapse of such a period. You can also seek to terminate the support order before the time lapses.

To terminate spousal support, you will need expert and experienced legal counsel and representation. Our attorneys will review the specifics of your case and provide dedicated representation in court to secure a termination. Just like the awarding decision, the court’s decision to terminate spousal support is informed by a number of factors of which our lawyers have a full understanding.

Unpaid Spousal Support

Has your (former) spouse failed to honor the directives of the spousal support order? Are you in the middle of a dispute for failing to pay alimony? Our attorneys have experience in providing objective representation for parties on either side of such disputes. The situation may quickly turn nasty, but our lawyers will remain objective and focus on legally settling these disputes.

At the Law Offices of J. Scott Bennett, we have an exceptional understanding of spousal support laws, not to mention years of experience in this legal sphere. Spousal support can prove quite the complicated area. Is alimony taxable? What happens if I don’t pay the amount stipulated in the spousal support order? For an informative consultation on these and other areas regarding spousal support, call us 951-434-1151 and get in touch with our lawyers today.